Ernesto Báez

Ernesto has been working in the radio and tv business for over 25 years. Creating, producing and post-producing music and audio for radio, radio soap operas, tv, and music artists, performing either as a voice talent, recording engineer and sound designer.

Ernesto discovered a great passion for radio and tv at the early age of 16. He began by acting in radio soap operas, which later led to building the ability to control his voice and use it for narrating soap operas, working at a radio station as a DJ, recording commercials and industrial narrations. His career started as a professional VO talent in soap operas and climbing steadily into soap operas to becoming the lead in several leading soap operas in Latin America.

Later he went on to work both in Radio and TV, recording commercials, as well as reporting news in top TV stations throughout Latin America.  Due to the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, he escaped and came to the United States in the late 70’s.

Here he started in Radio as a disc jockey and quickly moved up to be the Radio Music Director, as well as the Radio Program Director of several stations in Texas and Florida. From 1983-85 he was the Spanish Broadcaster for the Houston Astros.

He created Radio Impacto in 1984  in which he changed the Spanish radio station formats in Houston from just Mexican music stations to an International Music Spanish Radio station.  With his success he moved Houston’s International Spanish movement, and the Station beat ALL English and Spanish Radio Stations in Arbitron in just the first quarter. This was a great opportunity for him, plus he continued recording radio and tv voice-over with local accounts and advertising agencies.  His voice-over career really began to grow in National Radio and Tv commercials as well as concert spots in Spanish.

He has been a VO talent in hundreds of Radio and TV commercials, as well as narrator for industrials.

His education includes a Bachelor’s of Communications degree from Universidad CentroAmericana in Nicaragua.

He has completed a program by Digidesign that certifies him as “Expert Level in Music” ProTools engineer.